Yesterday was a really tough day to watch occur in my country. While I’m grateful that Congress and our democratic process prevailed, there is so much to be upset about from yesterday. And we need to talk about it.

We need to talk about a sitting President of the United States who didn’t overwhelming (or at all) condemn the attack of the United States Capitol.

We need to talk about the a sitting President who used Twitter to share a message of “love” for the terrorists, instead of using the briefing room to share a message condemning what is happening.

We need to talk about the Capitol Hill Police, while I’m grateful for their eventual control, who were woefully unprepared for a well-communicated riot and insurrection.

We need to talk about the blatant racism that allowed a group of white terrorists to invade our Capitol, but black American citizens are killed for literally not breaking a single law.

We need to talk about the domestic terrorists who were NOT arrested, and were able to peacefully leave the CAPITOL OF THE UNITED STATES after their insurrection.

We need to talk about the domestic terrorists that were allowed to stay on the Capitol lawn well past the Washington DC curfew, after the Mayor communicated that people out past curfew will be arrested.

We need to talk about the 122 Republic Representatives and 7 Republic Senators who held up the electoral process for election accusations that have been refuted in the court of law over 60 times.

We need to talk about the Democratic leadership who aren’t already back in session, drawing up articles of impeachment for a sitting President who actively supported an insurrection of our Congress and our democratic process.

We need to talk about the public personalities, including many members of the federal government, who have continued to share false information about the security and safety of the 2020 election.

We need to talk about how the Battle Flag of the Confederacy was flown inside of the Capitol of the United States, for the first time. Ever.

We need to talk about how this group of domestic terrorists were not there to support America, or Republicans, but a single person, Donald Trump.

We need to talk about every single person who isn’t condemning both this insurrection and the rhetoric from so many people who have allowed it to occur.

I’m sure that there is so much more that we need to talk about, but this is the minimum.